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About us

Libero is exclusively a world of free-from dining, catering for the travel, airline and hotel sectors. 

Travellers of today are actively seeking for their dietary and food allergy and intolerance needs to be not only met, but exceeded, without fear of cross contamination or compromise. Our food must taste delicious, not just simply cater for a dietary need, anyone can do that. Bland compromising food a la fruit salad no longer cut the mustard! Getting special meals right takes imagination, creativity, thought and a little bit of science. 

Our meals are sealed completely to avoid cross contamination in transit.  They are cooked by the crew and delivered to the customer with minimum intervention, irrespective of class of meal or which part of the aircraft the meal has been ordered.


The meal codes used by the industry are very old and often no longer meet all the needs of today’s traveller, so we have a few of our own with some new codes to make it easier when selecting which meals are right for your travellers or business.

We are exclusively a gluten-free and nut-free brand.  We also have a huge selection of dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian meals in addition to the most commonly requested meals. In addition, some of the more modern diets followed today, Paleo, sports, low-FODMAP, high or low carbohydrate.  Special dietary meals are an area to take seriously which is why we have set up this business as part of that. Customers may select an airline on price/destination in the most part, however there is good research to back up those customers with special dietary needs/allergies will select an airline that ensures their dietary needs are being met and taken seriously.

Libero works with leading naturopaths, dietitians and food people to create meals that are not only compliant and doing the job they are supposed to, more importantly they taste delicious!

For the passenger:

  • They can eat without fear or anxiety safe in the knowledge that their meal is fully safe for them to eat and of course tastes delicious.  Producing food in this way is completely unattainable when food is prepared in a general flight kitchen.

  • If the airline allows, the passenger can not only pre-book their special meal but can also look at the menu and full ingredients deck before they fly, enabling them to make an informed decision about whether the meal may or may not be suitable for them and make their own arrangements accordingly. e.g., passengers who have allergies that are around specific ingredients not included in the top 14.

  • In our own research before setting up the business we canvassed several allergy organisations for comments from their members, this is where many passengers will go to try and campaign for airlines to work on their special meals provision. Airlines would be shocked and enlightened if furnished with some of this information of real experiences on board.

For the airline:

  • They have a simplified and less complicated special meals system whereby they can plan and have a good global standard and avoid instances of no availability or suitable provision at all.

  • Easier global training for crews on food allergies and the special meal provision. Also plating guides and styles would have a global standard.

  • They will offer their passengers with allergies meals that have no “may contain” caveats and are truly safe for them to eat (NB “may contain” statements mean food may be unsuitable, therefore passengers with allergies would not eat it, as it may be dangerous for them to do so).

  • The airlines risk is lowered of flight delays and diversions.  Most flight diversions for medical emergencies are due to food allergies, in most cases due to anaphylaxis.  These cost airlines anywhere between £10,000 to £85,000+ dependant where in the world this happens.

  • Airline insurance risk is lowered by having the right allergy meals provision on board, i.e. meals made in a free-from kitchen. Dependant on your risk assessor for your airline’s insurance; by reducing your risk of allergic reactions on board and by providing the right provision for allergy sufferers the risk of flight delays and diversions is reduced, risk of passenger litigation is also reduced. Subsequently your airlines insurance premium could reduce.

  • Food allergies and intolerances are increasing at a rate of knots around the world, several studies show this precipitation around the world therefore not to do something now is risky. 

  • There are studies that show passengers will choose one airline over another, purely because it caters well for food allergies, furthermore many passengers are prepared to pay more for that privilege.

  • Two children in every classroom are now reported to have a food allergy, and those numbers are on the rise, therefore making your children’s meals gluten, nut, tree nut and sesame-free is a no brainer.

  • Crew online portal – we supply a crew area which has allergy training, menus, plating guides, hygiene and cross contamination guide and emergency information on what to do if a passenger goes into anaphylaxis.

Benefits for the airline to have food manufactured by a gluten, nut, tree nut and sesame-free producer (AKA us, Libero Special Meals) are many....

Why use Libero?
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