Libero is exclusively a world of free-from dining, catering for the travel, airline and hotel sectors. 

Travellers of today are actively seeking for their dietary and food allergy and intolerance needs to be not only met, but exceeded, without fear of cross contamination or compromise. Our food must taste delicious, not just simply cater for a dietary need, anyone can do that. Bland compromising food a la fruit salad no longer cut the mustard! Getting special meals right takes imagination, creativity, thought and a little bit of science. 

Our meals are sealed completely to avoid cross contamination in transit.  They are cooked by the crew and delivered to the customer with minimum intervention, irrespective of class of meal or which part of the aircraft the meal has been ordered.


The meal codes used by the industry are very old and often no longer meet all the needs of today’s traveller, so we have a few of our own with some new codes to make it easier when selecting which meals are right for your travellers or business.

We are exclusively a gluten-free and nut-free business.  We also have a huge selection of dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian meals in addition to the most commonly requested meals. In addition, some of the more modern diets followed today, Paleo, sports, low-FODMAP, high or low carbohydrate.  Special dietary meals are an area to take seriously which is why we have set up this business as part of that. Customers may select an airline on price/destination in the most part, however there is good research to back up those customers with special dietary needs/allergies will select an airline that ensures their dietary needs are being met and taken seriously.

Libero works with leading naturopaths, dietitians and food people to create meals that are not only compliant and doing the job they are supposed to, more importantly they taste delicious!

Best for Wellbeing | Onboard Hospitality Awards 2020