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“Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food”


Based in London and distributing to the world

Price points and expectations are split across 4 sections and we offer the following choices with airline-by-airline variants:

  • Private Jet/Jet Taxi - a completely bespoke service for meal options, contact us directly

  • First – a full meal kit for crew to plate on board, this can also be used by business so that customers crockery can be used if required

  • Business – a fully allergen sealed approved special meal

  • Premium Economy – a variant of either the economy meal or business box as budget per airline

  • Economy – a fully allergen sealed and approved special meal

  • Second Service – a variety of approved snacks and hot hold items

  • Individual Service Items - canapés, finger food, bar snacks, petit fours 


Libero provides meal solutions for all classes that encompass the IATA dietary code system widely used and ingrained into the travel industry, with the modern dietary needs of today. 


All meals are made in an exclusively, nut, sesame and gluten-free environment. and for the first time if you are gluten-free your meal can also be diary-free or vegan!


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